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Jesse Savary (SirSavary)

Ontario, Canada

Freelance programmer and coding addict.


PLEASE NOTE THAT USING THIS ADDON IS QUITE HEAVY AND IS FILLED WITH BUGS USE ONLY IF YOU'RE COMPLETELY AWARE THAT THIS WILL END UP CAUSING PROBLEMS WHEN USED FOR PROLONGED AMOUNTS OF TIME General use Important notes Instructions of use Analytics window Pinpointing window Virtualization window Comparison window 1) GENRAL USE DBugR is a Lua profiler, performance monitor and script debugger. The three primary uses of DBugR would be : Pinpointing performance problems caused by Lua scripts Optimizing custom gamemodes and addons Server monitoring DBugR is not designed to do the following : Magically fix lag Deal with crashes or any attempt to combat or analyze them Debug and profile non-lua activities 2) IMPORTANT NOTES This is a relatively heavy addon. This is very intrustive, running an anti-cheat alongside this is not wise. By default this does not attempt to profile itself. This can however be enabled in the settings. Loading a log takes about 2 seconds depending on the size. Logs are loaded when they are "compared". The pinpointing menu does not remove data that was not called this frame. The time it was called is displayed on the far right column under "Time". Players should not have access to DBugR unless they need to, granting players access gives them quite a lot of control over your server. Live data in graphs will not begin to show until the menu is first opened. Clientside logs contain sevrerside information. All serverside data is networked to the client. 3) INSTRUCTIONS OF USE The main DBugR menu is opened by typing "dbugr_menu_open" in the console. You should bind this to a key. Generally there is no "way" to use DBugR, information is logged and displayed in various windows, however there are more efficient ways of getting what you want done. If you're encountering consistent lag all you will need to utilize is the Pinpointing menu. If you're encountering lag that occurs almost randomly, you're going to want to write down the time and date that lag occurs and view the corresponding logs using the Virtualiztion menu. If you're using DBugR to optimize scripts then you will want to take a look at all the windows, really. If you just like viewing the performance of your server in the analytics menu, then open the menu... Explanations of what mentioned windows do and how to use them is covered below. 4) ANALYTICS WINDOW The analytics menu is used to identify lag and monitor your server's performance. The analytics window is comprised of four graphs : The client's performance The client's outgoing network usage The server's performance The server's outgoing network usage The analytics window is fed either live data or data from a log. When viewing data from a log clicking on the dots shown on the graph will select the frame they are above in the X axis. This is useful for analyzing spikes that were caused within a 30 second log. Selecting a frame simulates a call to each function, so they will appear in the pinpointing menu as if they were just called. Right clicking any of the graphs at any time will pause live date fed into it, this is useful if you want to hover over a dot to get the exact value. The key at the top of each graph, just below the title shows what each colour on the graph represents. Right clicking any of the dots in the key will hide every data type BUT the one you clicked on. Left clicking will hide the data type that you clicked. Hidden data types will appear as gray lines unless paused, in which case they will be completely invisible. If required, graphs in the analytics window can be resized horizontally by clicking and dragging the bar in the middle of two graphs. 5) PINPOINTING WINDOW The Pinpointing menu, as the name suggests is used to pinpoint certain data. For example, finding the location of the most expensive hook called at a certain time. This menu is split into two, the right side contains a list of data types split into categories, the left side is a function preview, with some key information written above it. Generally you'd go about using this by first selecting the category you want to view from the right then clicking on the column header of value you're most interested in, to order the results. This will likely by "Value (Total)" for performance categories or "Size" for network categories. The categories names are prefixed with N or P, respectively representing performance and networking categories. Clicking on any results in the right pane will download the related source for that function, that's displayed in the left pane with minimal syntax highlighting. The line and name of the source file is displayed directly above this pane. 6) VIRTUALIZATION WINDOW The virtualization window's function is simple. This is where you can manage and view logs from. Keep in mind, switching back to live view is also done from this menu. You'll find that there's a log browser on the left, basic controls on the bottom right and a mysterious list on the top right. This mysterious list happens to be a list of active downloads, if you're downloading server logs, they will appear in there until complete. Just above the log browser on the left, there's two combo boxes, these are used to select the folder to look for logs in and whether to look for server or client logs. There are 6 buttons on the bottom right, they are used to : Download files, using the "Download File" button Delete files (you cannot delete server logs like this), using the "Delete Log" button Archive and unarchive logs, respectively removing or adding the logs to the archive (a list of files that aren't automatically purged every DBUGR_PURGE_TIME seconds) using the "Add to Archive" and "Remove from Archive" buttons. Viewing logs, pressing the "View Log" button will have the log data from the selected log shown in all other windows (besides comparisons window, as that window does nothing with data). and finally "Go Live", which simply switches back to live data if you were viewing logs. 7) COMPARISON WINDOW The final window, Comparisons. This window is used only as an optimization tool. In the top middle lies two graphs, one for networking and the other for performance, each will have two lines, one for log set A and log set B. Logs selected in the bottom left reresent data set A, as the big A letter above it suggests. The same is true for the right side, where it represents data set B. Usage of this utlity is easy, select logs you want to compare from the left and right log views and hit the "Compile logs" button. You may wonder how more than one log is represented in a single 30 second timeline, the same size as a single log. The calculations are done with averages on both sets. point 1 on a timeline represent the average between the first second in each log from the respective data set. Though you can, comparing clientside logs with serverside logs will cause bad averages. As stated in the important notes section of this readme, clientside logs contain serverside data. Operating the log views to select data sets is done the exact same way youwould in the virtualization menu.

Slack to IRC Relay

A friend of mine asked me to create a bot that posted Slack messages to IRC and IRC messages to Slack. This bot has allowed their large (1,000+ members) Slack community into an even larger one by connecting with IRC channels that discuss similar topics.


Mordrum is a gaming community I founded 5 years ago that is still going strong. We have both Minecraft and Garry's Mod servers, with a large emphasis on custom features that are coded in-house. I have written many lines of code for both games, Java for Minecraft and Lua for Garry's Mod, and deployed a custom stack to power everything. Our servers are managed by a staff team of 11 people and have served over 50,000 unique players.

Jake Goss-Kuehn

Minneapolis, MN

building to save the world

Antimage HD Wallpapers

A collection of HD Wallpapers and a soundboard for the hero Anti-mage in the game Dota 2. Part of a 110 app collection.

NLP Eyes

A paid app that is actually getting downloads, this app teaches the user how to read eyes by practicing a little exercise in how the eyeballs of a person's face are aligned with certain pathways in thinking. Endorsed by the NLP Instutute, this app has a small short course on NLP's principals on this topic and the flash card game is merely a easy bonus for this knowledge.

Contact Input

My first application. This short app collects information from a single user and has them put in their own information. Is used to weed out people who put in fake numbers and kind of intriques them. On clicking enter, the user's information is then texted to the phone so the two users can talk to eachother.


Sydney, Australia

Developer/NetSysDevOP. I help a lot of people with their projects.


As a product of GovHack Sydney 2015, Lapsody is the ambitious brainchild of Alexander Nicholson, Jeremy Vista, Joseph Hilsberg, and Laura Rojas. Lapsody is a web-app that provides a visual time progression of current habits and practices. So too based on crowdsourced and archival data conjures up a prediction of the local environment in time to come.


UniBurb! is a project targetted towards students wanting to come to Sydney. This application will help them find the perfect place in Sydney using open government data.


SaltStackWebView Requirements: SaltStack Master SaltStack Slave(s) Web Server with PHP Support Features: Current Time (Page automatically refreshes) View Connected Nodes View Node Stats View Node IPs Setting SaltStackWebView up on your Saltstack Master Cron Place salt.sh in your user directory. Type crontab -e and add this at the end: * * * * * /root/salt.sh (change root to the directory you placed salt.sh into) Set up web frontend Make sure your web server with PHP Support is running. Copy the www folder to your /var/www web directory folder. Done! Browse to http://yourip/ and everything will work! Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nd/4.0/)

Michael Angelo Salazar

Laguna, PH

President (Asiaweb Innovative) / Software Engineer / IT Consultant

Asiaweb Innovative

Website Design and Development Build your business's online profile connecting directly to your clients through your corporate website, mobile and tablet responsive, increasing your potential target market. Internet Marketing - SEO and Social Media Make your way on top of competitors and be known through Search Engine Optimization, and build online profile through Social Media with vital Internet Marketing practices.

Prime Venture Service Cooperative

Prime Venture Service Cooperative (PVSC) is grounded on the principle that strengthening producers cooperatives through increasing their acces to market is an invaluable contribution to address hunger and food security for the ever growing population of 100 million of the Philippines.


Advocating for OSH & E to top management is a gargantuan tasked faced by HSSE Managers. Having faced many corporate boardroom battlefields in advocating safety to top management, the Corporate Occupational Safety, Health and Environment Management Association of the Philippines (COSHEMAP), Inc. was founded on August 8, 2008 by management professionals of high calibers in safety industry.

Luis Zenteno

Mexico City

Developer, Swimmer

Banorte MPOS

Para esta aplicación agregué nuevas funcionalidades para soportar un lector de tarjeta diferente, así como arreglar distintos bugs que se tenían en la versión original. También estuve a cargo del contacto con el cliente final (Grupo Financiero Banorte) para la coordinación de pruebas y funcionalidad. Tecnologías: Java, Android Studio

CFEMático Móvil

Aplicación Demo funcional de Comisión Federal de Electricidad para iPhone. Se escanea el código de barras del recibo de luz, se recuperan los datos del cliente y se puede pagar mediante la aplicación. En este proyecto estuve en contacto directo con el cliente para definir la funcionalidad principal de la app. Tecnologías: Swift, Sketch para el diseño de pantallas.

Nuevo Prestanet

Aplicación empresarial para otorgar préstamos a empleados de BBVA Bancomer. Tecnologías: JavaEE con Spring Framework, Spring REST, Bootstrap y jQuery.

Alexsander Akers

London, UK

Lover of languages, both human and computer.


What did I do? During my hackNY fellowship over the summer of 2013, I interned at Foursquare. While there, I worked on various parts of the main Foursquare app. (This was before the singular Foursquare app became the dynamic duo, Foursquare and Swarm.) I worked on testing the effects on battery and improving the performance of using the GPS in the background to alert you to cool, new things while you're out and about in new neighborhoods and ares. At the start of my internship, iOS 7 was announced and this meant a complete overhaul of the visual components. For the majority of my internship, I worked with a few other iOS engineers to revamp the way we displayed UI elements on screen to match the new iOS 7 "flat" style. App Store Description Foursquare is your ultimate city guide, in your pocket. Find the best places to eat, drink, shop, or visit — in any city in the world. Access over 60 million short reviews from local experts. Traveling or looking to discover new places nearby? Get the free iPhone and iPad app today. Tell Foursquare your favorite things and the app gets to know you. Search for the best restaurants, coffee, nightlife, shops, and more. Read short reviews and never miss out on the best thing to order or experience. Save places you want to go, so you never forget. “The new Foursquare, like Netflix, takes a lot of the work out of finding the right thing for the right moment.” — The Verge How It Works: Tell Foursquare what you like — be specific, like “craft beer” or “fried chicken,” or more general, like “outdoor seating” or “romantic places.” Every search is tailored to your tastes, your past ratings, and picks from friends and experts you trust. Want to check in, keep up, and meet up with friends? Download our companion app, Swarm. A note on battery – We've spent years developing the location technology that powers Foursquare, making it extremely power efficient. But, as with all apps of this type, please note that continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.


MessagePack.swift is a framework I wrote when I noticed that A) JSON would not suit my needs in an app I was working on and B) the current MessagePack implementations in Swift seemed insufficient. Links GitHub MessagePack

React Native

React Native enables you to build world-class application experiences on native platforms using a consistent developer experience based on JavaScript and React. The focus of React Native is on developer efficiency across all the platforms you care about - learn once, write anywhere. Links GitHub Documentation



Just learn and do

Social Platform

Features Users Friendship Live messaging Posts (public/private) Comments (with images and deleting) Share (social and via email) Honor post (public) Light a candle for a post (for registered users only) Tagging Search Register/Login via social accounts Admin blocking of users Statistics for admin Used technologies and tools PHP [Laravel] jQuery HTML/Sass Laravel Forge

Appointment app

Features Automatic assignment of affiliates to appointments based on their most recent location Calendar view Agenda view Multiple roles Google calendar export Email notifications Appointment releasment for affiliates to grab Log viewer Work hours for affiliates Used technologies and tools PHP [Laravel] Google API jQuery HTML/Sass Laravel Forge

Apartments Doca - unfinished by client

Features Custom cms Paypal payment and processing Booking with price calculation for different parts of the season Export of guest list Used technologies and tools PHP [Laravel] Google API Paypal express jQuery HTML/Sass Laravel Forge



A random being in a sea of people.


V.I.S.I.ON is an automation modal that opens up docs and urls without any input or need to turn to the command line. It is unobtrusive and does not send any data to a database nor store or track your information. V.I.S.I.O.N recognizes your need for privacy and happily respects it. All the power to you, the user.

Haleigh Harper

Washington DC

Full Stack Web Developer


Are you unsatisfied with current dating app options? Its pretty awkward to have to describe yourself and then wait around for matches, huh? And pretty discouraging when you don't match. And pretty intimidating thinking about potentially dating a complete stranger lurking behind their online profile. If only you could ensure that you were only dating decent humans who compatible with you -- decided not by some fancy algorithm but by those you know you best -- your friends!! What if we could make online dating human again? TickleTush does just that by making the most fun part of dating -- SET UPS!-- more accessible. How it works: Sign up for the app Take a look at all your current friends a. Make recommended set ups! Remember your cute friend from high school? He would be a great match for your co-worker -- so TickleTush 'em! You know they would be get along swimmingly so introduce them to each other with a single click. If they both accept your recommendation, they'll be connected instantly. Nice work! Take a look at your friends' friends a. Your kickball teammate has some hot pals. See someone you like? Ask her to make the introductions! She can give the dirt on his background (confirming he is not a total creep) and recommend you to her friend and let the magic begin. The gist: the best part of dating is getting set up. Your friends get to talk you up to their friends/friends-of-friends and know better than you do who could be a good fit out there. And you can pay it forward! Currently taken but don't want to miss out on the fun? GOOD NEWS! You can still use TickleTush to be a pal and set up all your friends. Who doesn't love playing matchmaker?! See our user stories on Trello here: https://trello.com/b/GTvAkQrT/tickletush

The Brunchinator

The Brunchinator uses the Yelp API to display randomly generated brunch spots wherever a user specifies, either by zip code or city/state. A user can view Yelp information about each restaurant, clicking 'FIND ME BRUNCH' to view even more options and 'Save to Favorites' to keep track of favorite places. This app is similar to the 'shake' feature from UrbanSpoon, but is enhanced with information from Yelp.

Yuya Tanaka

Iwate Prefecture, Morioka City, Japan

介護ソフトベンダーでweb技術とか社内システム担当とかやってます。 岩手の盛岡駅裏で愛を叫んでいるだけなんだ・・・ お犬様を見るとテンションが上がります。

MMWIN みやぎ医療福祉情報ネットワーク協議会 システム提供

MMWINへMC.netのカスタマイズを行い、他社との連携を行った。 担当 MC.net カスタマイズ 他社との連携 他社が提供するシングルサインオンシステムとの連携 証明書認証 saml認証 シングルログアウト 他社患者情報からのMC.netの患者をシームレスに行き来する機能 SSMIX変換用データ作成 MMWINネットワークへの設置 カスタマーエンジニア MMWINサーバへのインストール インストール時に足りない機能をその場で構築(出力)

月額定額制の低価格な介護ソフト セカンドライン

小規模事業者様向け介護ソフトの「セカンドライン」簡単便利な機能で低価格な月額定額制介護ソフト。 2015年4月開始の介護予防・日常生活支援総合事業にも対応 主な利用技術 ServerSide Ubuntu MongoDB PHP Backend FuelPHP MongoDB Frontend jQuery jsRender 開発担当 システム機能 事業所設定管理 市町村情報登録 利用者登録・表示 介護保険情報登録 公費情報登録 様式11, 7 作成 様式11,7,2 請求書作成 総合事業請求書作成(国保連、市町村) 介護報酬請求CSV作成 サーバサイド AWSによるWebサービス構築 Ubuntu + Nginx + PHP-FPM + MongoDB LoadBalancerによる負荷分散 Zabbixによるサーバ稼働状況監視設定 S3を利用したユーザデータ保存 Route53によるドメイン管理 デプロイツールの作成 fabric


MeLL+(メルタス)は、医療と介護のシームレスな連携を実現する医療・介護連携サービスです。地域包括ケアや法人内連携などの現場における医療関係の情報と介護関係の情報をクラウドのデータベースに蓄積し、「必要な情報を必要な時に」いつでもどこでも閲覧・共有できるため、施設・事業所間のコミュニケーション課題を解決します。 担当 サーバサイド設計・構築 医療データ連携